About me & how to get in touch

My name is Dipika. I live in Manchester and I’m a university web content editor and freelance copywriter – and I try to fit in lots of baking around this.

I’m very much a baking amateur and I’m hoping posting updates on my progress will help improve my skills and also provide something interesting for fellow baking fans to read.

I make absolutely no money from this website and there are no sponsored links to be found anywhere, so you can rest assured you will always get my own opinion and nothing else.

Recipe policy

I will only write out in full my own recipes or those from now out-of-print/hard to buy books, or from free sources (e.g. supermarket magazines). For recipes from in-print books, I will only either link to them on Amazon or link to any website that already carries the recipe in full.

I’m happy for others to use my own recipes and blog about them, but please link back to the post containing the recipe if you do.


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